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England, 1308

When Princess Isabella is offered as a bride to King Edward of England, for her it’s love at first sight. But her dashing husband has a secret, one that threatens to tear their marriage—and England—apart.

As Isabella navigates the deadly maelstrom of Edward’s court, her cleverness and grace allow her to subvert Edward’s ill-advised plans and gain influence. The young queen is soon faced with an impossible choice; being shut away for the rest of her life in a distant abbey – or taking a breathtaking gamble that will forever change the course of history.

Isabella is the story of a queen who took control of her destiny—and the throne.

She was taught to obey. Now she has learned to rebel.




England, 1340

One princess. Two husbands. By order of the King.

The true story of Joan of Kent, the English princess who defied her family and her king to win the man she loved.

A princess falls in love with a handsome knight; the stuff of fairy tales, but not very remarkable, even in an age where love was hardly a prerequisite for marriage.

It is the princess, Joan of Kent, who is remarkable. Forbidden by the king to marry, she does so anyway, in secret. When the King discovers what she has done, he is furious. He needs her to make political alliances and forces her to bigamy.

But she will not give up. Will she succeed – and what will happen if she does?




Dublin, 1905

When fiery and idealistic Kitty O’Kane escapes the crushing poverty of Dublin’s tenements, she’s determined that no one should ever suffer like she did.

As she sets out to save the world, she finds herself at the forefront of events that shaped the early twentieth century.

During Kitty’s remarkable journey, she reunites with her childhood sweetheart, but will the sins of her past stop her from pursuing her own happiness?




New York, 1913

Micha Levine leaves his small village in Russia and sails to New York, ‘the Golden Medina’. He’s heard they shovel gold off the streets and that he will easily make his fortune there.

He sends for his wife to join him, eager to make their dreams come true. But life in his new country is not quite as he has been told.

Her happiness comes at an unexpected price; and they must keep a dark secret that threatens to destroy everything.

From Tallinn to New York; from World War One to World War Two; from rags to riches. This is a poignant novel about finding the American Dream – and what it costs.

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